Successful Business Strategies, Inc.


We are a business coaching firm. We help the owners of small businesses transition from working “IN” their business to working “ON” their business. Over 97% of small business fail within the first 10 years. We help turn that statistic around one business and one owner at a time. The number one reason small businesses fail is because the owner either doesn’t have a plan or the plan they put together at one point in time isn’t being followed. It sits on a shelf so there is no vision, no road map to success. One of the steps we take initially is to help the owner put together a set of personal goals, for what they want to get out of the business personally and then we coach them through the process of putting together a One Page Strategic Plan. We then have a vision and roadmap to help reach both the personal goals and the business goals.

Contact Info

Rich Becker, President & Veteran Business Owner
Phone: 630-308-8022
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Services Provided:

Coaching one on one with the business owner and any part of his or her staff who are instrumental in achieving the business goals. All areas of the business from teamwork to top line bottom line and any level in between, we coach so that when we leave the business owner has the tools to achieve his/her goals. Unlike a consultant, we teach and coach so that any and all issues can be resolved from within the business once we leave.